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Where Can I Buy Ultrasonic Pet Dog Repeller

Shocking Truth – Ultrasonic Pet Dog Repeller!

Deter Your Dog from Unwanted Behaviors like Barking or Jumping on the Furniture.

The frequency range on these devices fluctuates to ensure that the animals are not in a position to adapt to the constantly changing ultrasonic sound waves been emitted. They generally may be efficient up to 30 feet away from the target and they are usually weather proof and also the better ones work on solar power so that you do not need to operate any new wires out of your yard to your home. These gadgets are safe for use around people, canines, cats and birds but they can trigger an issue for mice, hamsters, gerbils and pet rabbits so they ought to be kept well away. Many of the better units will work inside also so if you’ve mice in your attic they are able to be safely and humanly cleared out. If you have raccoons tipping more than your trash during the night or rabbits digging up your garden then a great Ultrasonic repeller will help keep them out and also you will be able to reclaim your yard.

Ultrasonic Pet Dog Repeller

Ultrasonic Pet Dog Repeller

OnGuard Deterrent Features

  • Repel unwanted dogs or stop your own dog’s unwanted behavior with OnGuard. This handheld deterrent works by emitting ultrasonic sound. The high-pitched noise is silent to you but really irritating to dogs. Now you can repel approaching dogs on your walk, run or bike ride or use OnGuard to stop your dog’s unwanted behaviors like jumping on furniture and barking at the door.
  • Ultrasonic sound frequencies are above the hearing range of humans. Although this noise is inaudible to most humans, dogs hear it loud and clear. This high-pitched noise is alarming and unpleasant to dog being targeted, but completely safe and humane.
  • Ultrasonic sound cannot travel through solid objects like walls or solid fences. Make sure OnGuard is in clear line of sight of the dog you wish to train or deter.
  • Dogs can be unpredictable and while it is designed to repel them, we cannot guarantee it will deter an overly aggressive dog.
  • Due to the powerful nature of this product, it is not recommended for use on puppies under 6 months old as they are still developing their hearing.[Read more…]


Ultrasonic Pet Dog Repeller

It has to be a fact that I’m not the only person on this god eco-friendly earth that hasn’t wanted to throttle the neighbors or my own canines for instance due to extreme dog barking. Certainly I am not the only one who gets driven crazy occasionally by the noise of barking dogs. I must have attempted nearly every thing to stop their barking. We have a Jack Russell and a Cocker Spaniel which normally behave themselves and are extremely adept guard dogs. But, I must confess they just bark and bark in the most mundane of things passing by our front gate sometimes. The worst occurrences happen when the neighboring dogs hear or see something in the road and then the dominoe impact starts with the neighbourhood and usually lasts a great hour before the whole process starts once more. We attempted putting them inside the house, but sure enough they can still hear the neighbourhood canines barking and the sound is even louder.

You will find several deterrents around the marketplace that work in varying degrees. What I mean by that is with some dogs these deterrents work truly well and with other canines they do not seem to operate it all. You are able to purchase a item known as Forbid, out of your local veterinarian. Nevertheless it’s fairly pricey and may cost you a dollar or much more per meal. So a very great economical alternative is Adolph’s Meat Tenderizer which cam be purchased at your local grocery store. Merely sprinkle some on each meal. When the meat tenderizer doesn’t function then you may give a try to pineapple. Yes, pineapple that fruit that we adore to eat. You are able to use either fresh pineapple or canned pineapple to accomplish the task. There is no set formula as to how a lot to make use of, however I would start with a teaspoon for a little dog and a tablespoon to get a big canine. The pineapple tastes fantastic going in, but has a bad taste coming out. Eliminating this horrible behavior will definitely consider some tenacity in your part. You’re likely to need to become present each and every time your canine has a bowel movement. I hope this article has given you some ideas and hopefully with some persistence your canine will finally loose this disgusting habit.

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